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Why Your Business Should Schedule Fire Alarm Inspections in the New Year

Why Your Business Should Schedule Fire Alarm Inspections

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

Why Your Business Should Schedule Fire Alarm Inspections in the New Year O'Fallon, MO

It’s imperative for your commercial property to have a dependable, working fire alarm system that keeps your visitors, employees, and equipment safe from fire. The resulting damage can be very expensive, as well. That’s why it’s smart to have your commercial fire alarm systems inspected regularly by St. Louis electricians.

They can visit your property twice a year or as-needed to assess your system and make sure it’s all in working order so your building is protected. The new year is a great time to make a renewed effort to stay on top of your fire alarm systems to comply with codes and to keep people safe. Here’s why your business should schedule fire alarm inspections in the new year.

Protect People and Property

The top reason is to protect the people and property in your building. Fire alarm inspections create a safe environment for all occupants because they confirm a properly-working system.


Regular fire alarm system inspections are required by law to certify that building owners are in compliance with local, state and federal laws regarding fire and building safety. If not, expensive fines can result.


Your insurance company may want proof that your facility’s fire alarm system is up to code and current with the latest inspection requirements. A future claim could be rejected if it was found your property failed to meet guidelines. Scheduling regular inspections reduces the likelihood of unexpected out-of-pocket costs due to insurance snafus.

Decrease Liability Claims

If a fire were to occur on your property, the liability due to injury to occupants would be limited if you can’t provide proof of inspection. Evidence of inspection will show that your fire alarm system is operational and code compliant. If you cannot provide proof of inspection, you may be held accountable for damages caused by the incident.

Discovery of Issues

To detect errors in your fire alarm system and make sure it’s operating correctly, periodic inspections must be conducted by a professional electrician in St. Louis. They can make sure your system is functioning correctly, and if there are components that have issues, they can remedy the deficiencies to ensure proper performance in the future.

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Ensuring safety and reducing liability for your business starts with scheduling regular fire alarm system inspections with your trusted Ballwin electrician. Schedule your inspection today by calling us at 636-294-8562 or completing our online form. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

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