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7 Reasons You May Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Electric Panel or Fuse Box

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Because older homes and commercial buildings were not built to handle today's high energy needs, their circuit breakers and electrical panels can lead to blown fuses and flipped circuit breakers. For safety reasons, you need to think about upgrading your electrical panel if you have an older home or if you have been having repeated issues with blown fuses and tripped breakers.

Here are some reasons why you may need an upgrade or replacement of your existing panel to comply with the latest safety standards. This job should be performed by an experienced electrician in O'Fallon MO serving the ST Charles & St Louis area

1. Your Existing Panel Can’t Meet Current or Future Electrical Needs

The most common signal that you need an upgrade is if your current panel just isn’t meeting your electrical needs, or your anticipated electrical needs in the near future. Maybe your family is growing, or maybe you are planning a remodel soon that will involve new, high-powered appliances. Whatever the case, if the panel you have right now isn’t cutting it, you need a new one.

2. Your Existing Panel Shows Visible Signs of Wear and Tear

Whenever you spot visible damage or corrosion on your panel, it should be replaced ASAP. You’ll actually likely need a whole upgrade, not just a replacement.

3. Your Existing Panel Still Uses Fuses

If your panel is very old, it may still feature fuses rather than breakers. Breakers are reusable switches that can be flipped back on in order to reconnect the circuit, but fuses are thin pieces of metal designed to melt in order to break the circuit. Fuse systems are less convenient, less reliable and less safe.

4. Your Existing Panel Doesn’t Have a Main Shut-Off Breaker

A modern electrical service panel should feature a main shut-off breaker that cuts power to your whole house at one centralized point. This is for convenience and safety when working on the electrical system or in the case of an emergency.

5. Your Existing Panel Has Outdated Technology or Wiring

Your panel may not have outdated fuses or it may have a main shut-off breaker, which are both great. But that doesn’t mean your panel isn’t sporting old technology and wiring. You could still need an upgrade.

6. Your Existing Panel is Hot, Hums, Buzzes or Flashes

If your panel is hot to the touch, makes weird noises or has light problems, you will likely need an upgrade. Consult with an electrician in Warrenton MO to be sure.

7. Your Existing Panel Trips Frequently

If your breakers are constantly tripping, and you can’t find a good reason for this, a panel upgrade will be in your future.

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Our O’Fallon MO electricians are skilled in electrical panel upgrades, repairs and replacement. To get a free quote and to book a consultation, contact us at 636-294-8562. We can assess the condition of your current system and recommend the best course of action moving forward.

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