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Why You Need Outdoor Security Lighting

5 Essential Reasons for Outdoor Security Lighting in O’Fallon MO

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

Why You Need Outdoor Security Lighting O'Fallon, MO

Your home, as you know, is your biggest investment. As such, you have to take steps to protect it and your family. Security lighting is the first step in making sure your home remains safe from intruders and pests. In fact, there are many benefits to installing outdoor security lighting in O’Fallon MO .

Here are the top five.

  1. Increase Security
  2. This one is the most obvious one. Security lighting keeps burglars and other intruders away. With fewer shadows to lurk in, the less likely your home will become a target. A well-lit home at nighttime also makes it easier for neighbors to keep an eye on your house and alert you of anything suspicious.

    It’s a fact that crime is directly correlated with nightfall, as darkness provides another layer of protection for criminals. One study shows that increased levels of lighting can lead to a 7% overall reduction in crimes.

    Outdoor security lighting offers an extra level of illumination that helps identify security threats around the home and yard as well. Playing back video from your CCTV system becomes much easier in terms of identification in the event your home is broken into.

  3. Prevent Accidents
  4. Security lights illuminate your walkways, keeping shadows at bay and allowing your family and guests to venture to the front door and garage without tripping. Many hazards hidden by shadows can be lying in wait, from uncoiled garden hoses to kids’ toys. You also don’t want to miss a step on the front porch due to poor illumination.

  5. Keep Animals Away
  6. Nighttime critters like skunks or raccoons will stay away from your home and trash cans if the area is well lit. Like criminals, they prefer to slink around in darkness. Motion-activated lights can scare away unwanted critters and animals from your property, while protecting your plants, cars, and other belongings from damage.

  7. Increase Property Value and Decrease Insurance Premiums
  8. Quality security lights are a coveted feature to any potential homebuyer, which can boost the value of your home if you decide to sell. Many insurance companies offer lower premiums and discounts for homes with security lights because they are statistically less likely to be vandalized or burglarized.

  9. More Outdoor Fun
  10. You put a lot of hard work and pride into your home, so why not show it off with exterior illumination to highlight curb appeal? Security lights also shine extra light on your yard and outdoor entertaining spaces, providing a safe, well-lit space for backyard bonfires and barbecues. You can stay outside longer in summer with security outdoor lighting, and your kids don’t have to come in as early. Just be sure to put on that bug spray!

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