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Hiring an Electrician is Essential For Basement Remodels

Hiring an Electrician is Essential For Basement Remodels

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You’ll need an experienced St Louis O’Fallon MO electrician when planning your basement remodel. They can get the job done quickly and efficiently, but most of all safely. Why risk your safety or that of your family’s? And don’t you want to start enjoying your new basement as quickly as possible? When you hire a professional to handle this project, you get peace of mind from start to finish knowing it’s going to be done right and on time.

Here’s why hiring a St. Charles electrician is important when it comes to your upcoming basement remodel.

1. Make Remodels Easier

If your basement hasn’t been finished yet and just has the framing in place, this is the best time to call an electrician to do the wiring work. Doing this before the drywall has been hung makes the remodel that much easier for an electrician to get in there and run the wiring, as well as install outlets and switches.

Even if the drywall has already been hung, this is still a good time to have the electrician perform the wiring. They may have to cut into a few places here and there, but this is a far less invasive project than if you wait till the actual walls are up and painted.

2. Uncover Potential Electrical Issues

One big reason to hire a pro is that they may uncover potentially dangerous electrical issues during their initial inspection or even as they work. They may find that:

  • The wiring isn’t up to code: Perhaps the previous owner attempted DIY electrical work, or a handyman thought he could get away with shortcuts. Or maybe you have an older home with modern amenities that your existing electrical panel just can’t handle. When things aren’t up-to-code, serious fire hazards can result.
  • There is water damage near wiring: Basements easily get damaged by water because they’re located at least partially underground. Water can certainly damage structural supports, but it can also damage electrical work, particularly if the circuit breaker panel is in the basement.
  • The existing wiring layout is sub-par: Basements are always the last thing to be finished, if they even get that far at all. If things were rushed during initial construction, electrical work can be shoddy or a result of poorly-planned layouts.

3. Ensure a Well-Lit Space

Because basements are underground, they are often dark and uninviting. If you’re planning a basement remodel, you obviously want to utilize the space as much as possible. Whether you’re planning a game room for the kids, a bar area for you and your buddies, or just an extra living space, you want the space to become more functional. A big part of that is having sufficient lighting so that guests and family members don’t feel like they’re spending time in a dungeon.

Electricians can add recessed lighting, task lighting, ambient lighting and any other type of lighting you desire so your space can be well-lit and inviting to all.

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