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Do I Really Need Regular Electrical Maintenance For My House?

Do I Really Need Regular Electrical Maintenance For My House?

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

Do I Really Need Regular Electrical Maintenance For My House? O'fallon, MO

The short answer is yes. Your home’s electrical systems play a critical role in powering anything from your garage door to your toaster oven. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait for something to go wrong before they take action. Preventative maintenance by an electrician in O’Fallon MO is key.

Types of Electrical Maintenance

Here’s a look at the components of your electrical system that require regular upkeep to function safely and work optimally.

Corrective maintenance

When a problem actually occurs and the need for repair is immediate, this is corrective maintenance. It’s a reaction to a specific action. This type of maintenance is unavoidable, such as the result of a lighting strike or hitting a cable with a nail when trying to hang a painting.

Preventive maintenance

This involves maintaining components of your electrical system on a regular basis so they function well when you need them and lead to a longer lifespan. You’re not waiting for an emergency to arise. You’re looking to prevent electrical fires by making sure your circuit breakers are up to date and working correctly, for example.

Predictive maintenance

This involves assessing the performance of your electrical system to identify signs that a particular piece of equipment is coming to the end of its life. This will blend observational assessment with detailed measurements by an electrician in St. Louis, such as through the use of thermal imaging equipment to find failing electrical wiring, for example.

Failure-finding maintenance

This one’s similar to corrective maintenance in that the system needing repair has already failed. But the homeowner has not yet become aware of the problem, such as in the case of an undiagnosed failure of ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCIs). Chances are that the outlet will function OK in normal conditions but in an emergency situation it will fail to disconnect the power, leading to injury or death.

Time-based maintenance

This involves the replacement of parts on a regular schedule, similar to changing the oil in your car every 5,000 miles.

The Electrical Components That Should be Checked Regularly

Here are some of the electrical components that an electrician in O’Fallon MO should be checking on a regular basis.


While you may have installed energy-saving LED bulbs, the transformers and dimmer switches that they connect to will limit their service life if not updated.

Backup Generators

You can keep critical systems going in the event of a power outage when you have a backup generator in place. But they need regular maintenance to continue working optimally, such as oil and filter changes and replacement of worn items.

Solar Panels

Solar panels can save you money on your utility bills and reduce carbon emissions, but the core components should be inspected annually to ensure efficient operation.

Electrical Contractor in O’Fallon MO

If you need help with any of the above types of maintenance or system checks, get a free quote and consultation from our O’Fallon MO electricians when you contact us at 636-294-8562.

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