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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With Ceiling Fans

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With
Ceiling and Whole House Fans

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

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The weather outside may be cooling down, but there are still some rogue hot and humid days that prompt you to crank the AC. As a result, you’re likely still seeing high energy bills that come with all that usage. And if you’re running a bunch of small fans just to get ventilation in all your bedrooms, you’re adding to the consumption.

Did you know you can lower your energy bills and give your HVAC system a break by installing ceiling fans and whole house fans? Those are both excellent, cost effective ways to keep your house cooled down without having to resort to running the AC. Even in fall and winter, your house can benefit from proper ventilation and circulation of air.

Don’t have power in the ceiling for a fan? Your trusted St Louis & O'Fallon Electrician can handle this project quickly with minimal damage to your drywall.

Whole House Fans

First, let’s talk about whole house fans. Whole house fans pull air in from windows and exhaust vents through the roof and attic, resulting in plenty of attic ventilation for all floors of your house. Always rely on a professional for installation, as they will be able to take detailed and accurate attic measurements and then install all the dedicated circuit wiring and vents.

Here are some reasons you should get a whole house fan in St. Louis MO:

  • Reduction of AC costs
  • Quick cool down with fresh air
  • Healthier home (removal of pollutants contributing to poor indoor air quality, such as allergens, bacteria, odors and pet dander)
  • Core of your home remains cool without having to operate numerous smaller fans
  • Quiet operation

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are perfect for just about any room of your home, such as bedrooms, living rooms, great rooms, and even kitchens. If you already have a ceiling fan but it’s outdated, doesn’t work properly anymore, or you plan to tackle a remodeling project soon, you may want to consider installation of a newer, more energy efficient model.

Ceiling fans help to circulate the air in specific rooms, with the biggest benefit being that they can help you reduce the cost of energy bills and prevent the sole reliance on your AC system. Most ceiling fans on the market today come with decorative lighting sources as well, which means you can increase illumination throughout the room without having to use the main source of lighting or several costly modes of lighting.

Ceiling fans bring another benefit: they circulate warm air during winter. Keep this rule of thumb in mind: counter-clockwise blade rotation cools off the space, while clockwise rotation helps to redirect warm air from the ceiling without causing a cold draft.

Check out these benefits of ceiling fans:

  • Versatility in different rooms
  • Energy efficiency
  • Year-round value
  • Strong focal point
  • Lower energy bills due to decreased AC usage
  • Style and beauty
  • White noise while sleeping
  • Functional illumination

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