Why You Need an Old House Electrical Inspection?

Older Homes In Missouri Need Electrical Inspection

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If you have an older home, you know it comes with added challenges. The electrical system is no different. Because your electrical system was likely put in decades ago, it’s probably no longer up to code. This can put your home at risk for fire. That’s why it would benefit you to get an electrical inspection in O’Fallon MO.

Wiring and electrical panel updates are much safer for your home, reducing potential electrical hazards and allowing modern appliances to draw the correct amount of energy without tripping your breakers. Additionally, an inspection will ensure your home is compliant with local building codes, help with insurance premiums, give you peace of mind, and even make it easier to sell your home later on.

Common Electrical Problems in Older Homes

There are many common problems your electrician in St. Charles will be on the lookout for, such as:

  • An old fuse box rather than a modern circuit breaker panel. Fuse boxes and circuit breakers are responsible for controlling how much electricity flows into your house, and they both shut off the electricity when a circuit becomes overloaded. You can flip switches and plug wires plug back into place when it comes to circuit boxes, but with fuse boxes, the wires are melted when the system gets overloaded. This is what is known as blowing a fuse. The fuse must be replaced before electricity can flow to that circuit.
  • Knob and tube wiring. This old house electrical wiring approach hasn’t been used in new homes since the 1950s, so if you have this in your older home, you will want it looked at by an electrician. This system can’t give provide enough energy to run all your modern appliances. Overheating of these components can result in fire hazards.
  • Aluminum wiring. This outdated wiring method hasn’t been used since the 1960s and 1970s. Metal can lead to arcing, fire hazards and melting insulation because it heats up so much faster than copper.
  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping. When high-energy appliances draw more electricity than the circuit breaker can handle, it trips. If your breaker trips a lot, there could be a loose connection.
  • Two-prong outlets rather than three-prong. Two-pronged only outlets are an indication that the outlet is ungrounded and does not have ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These prevent electrocution in kitchens, bathrooms and other wet areas. It takes GFCIs milliseconds to shut down the circuit, preventing a deadly shock.
  • No modern outlets for new appliances. Older homes don’t have as many outlets and can’t accommodate modern electrical demands. Homeowners often overload circuits to circumvent this issue, which damages your electrical system.

Hire A Qualified Electrician To Perform The Inspection

When you hire an electrician to perform an inspection, they will conduct a detailed evaluation of all electrical systems, wiring, and appliances to ensure they are up to code. After the inspection, they will write up a report and share it with the homeowner, going over any questions and concerns.

Electrical Inspections

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