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The Benefits of Floor Outlets

The Benefits of Floor Outlets

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The Benefits of Floor Outlets St Louis, MO

All electrical outlets are designed to ensure easy access to electrical currents. This includes floor outlets, which can bring many benefits to a home. From appearance to practicality to convenience, you can install floor outlets anywhere on the floor to gain a power source in areas where your devices may be located far away from traditional wall sockets.

Floor outlets are quite simply electrical outlets that are in the floor instead of the wall. They usually sport a metal plate to protect the wiring, with covers to prevent dust and debris from infiltrating the outlet.

Here are the many ways in which you can utilize floor outlets in your home. Of course, you should always have floor outlets installed by qualified electricians in St. Louis MO.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are the most common places where you see floor outlets because people spend most of their time in these rooms. If you have an open-space living room, it can be challenging to install traditional electrical outlets in the walls because there may be a large distance between your devices and the main power sources.

This is where floor outlets come in. With proper placement, floor outlets allow you to power all your devices, ranging from TVs and lamps to smartphone chargers and sound systems.

Plus, when you have floor outlets, you don’t have to relegate your seating areas along the walls so people can access wall outlets. Floor outlets allow you to open up your seating and furniture plans exponentially.


The bedroom is another common area to utilize floor outlets, giving you more creative freedom in how you organize your space. Just like in the living room, you no longer have to place furniture and seating along the walls. You can place them wherever you want them when you have access to convenient floor outlets for anything from TVs to nightlights.

Home Offices

If you work from home, you know better than anyone how convenient and critical sufficient outlets can be. Using floor outlets in your home office gives you the freedom to position your desk wherever you want, as well as your audio and visual equipment. From printers to phones to scanners, you can’t go wrong having floor outlets in your home office.

Gaming Rooms

If you have a game room, man cave or home movie theater, floor outlets are a lifesaver for plugging in your TVs, gaming consoles, and A/V equipment.

No matter where you decide to place your floor outlets, this is a complicated electrical job that is best left up to an O’Fallon MO electrician.

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