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Wireless mesh networks provide innovative commercial lighting solutions for large spaces, such as warehouses, apartment complexes, office buildings, industrial spaces, large outdoor venues. They function a lot like Wi-Fi networks employing multiple nodes - small radio chips embedded in sensors - to exchange signals with a router or access point.

Since a wireless mesh network only requires physical wiring for one node, it is an ideal solution for spaces where extensive wiring would be difficult and costly. Providing faster, more reliable communication and centralized control options at a lower cost, wireless mesh networks are becoming an important cost and energy-saving solution for many businesses.

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Wireless Mesh Lighting

Using wireless mesh for lighting control allows companies to significantly lower their electrical costs. Combining centralized control and sensor-based automation, users are able to turn lights off in unoccupied rooms and dim the lights during daytime. Automation of such simple actions may result in up to 70% savings in electrical lighting costs.

At Braco Electrical, our certified and knowledgeable wireless mesh specialists will design and install the network to fit your business and your needs and help you save money with this innovative solution.

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