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Understanding Electrical Essentials For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Thinking About Installing An Outdoor Kitchen?

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Have you been thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your home? It’s a great idea, as it expands your usable living space and increases your enjoyment of the outdoors. While you may have given a lot of thought to the design and layout, you may not have thought too much about the electrical features it will require for proper function.

Some homeowners think they can simply DIY the electric work, but this is never a good idea due to risk of injury and potential fire hazard. It’s always best to partner with a professional electrician in O’Fallon MO that has experience in wiring outdoor kitchens.

Check out these electric essentials you should consider when planning an outdoor kitchen project:

Check on a Building Permit

Before you proceed with your outdoor kitchen construction, you’ll have to check with your city’s building department to see if you need a permit. Know which kinds of permits you need, how you can obtain them, how you can pay for them, and how long it will take. Permits don’t just apply to construction itself; they also cover the plumbing and electrical work. Your city may require an electrical safety inspection as well. If you don’t secure the proper permits, you could face fines and put your future safety at risk.

Know Your Electric Needs

When you start designing your outdoor kitchen, you’ll have to take into account which electrical appliances and other components you will want, such as:

  • Do you want outdoor appliances? How many?
  • Are additional outlets needed?
  • Do you want a ceiling fan?
  • What about outdoor lighting?

Determine your wants and needs beforehand, and then let your electrician know when he or she visits your home for a consultation.

Determine the Path

You will have to tap into your existing electric system to bring power to your outdoor kitchen. There are many paths this can take, so be sure to map a route from your circuit breaker panel to where your outdoor kitchen will be located. This can get tricky, so ask an experienced electrician for advice and suggestions.

Plan the Dedicated GFCI Circuit Breaker

A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet protects against the risk of electric shock. Therefore, it is imperative to install GFCI outlets in areas with water or moisture, such as outdoor kitchens, pool areas, and bathrooms. These outlets are responsible for monitoring the amount of electricity that flows within a specific circuit. When an imbalance is detected, they shut down, thereby preventing fire or the risk of shock.

Hire a Pro

There are so many benefits of owning an outdoor kitchen. Not only can you boost your property value, you can increase your enjoyment of the outdoors while entertaining friends and family. Because of all these benefits, it’s important to make sure your outdoor kitchen’s electrical work is installed properly and professionally in the interest of safety.

You want to be able to enjoy your outdoor kitchen for years to come and have peace of mind whenever you use it, so make sure it has the essential electric components it needs to function at the safest level possible.

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Our O’Fallon MO electricians have extensive experience in installing wiring GFCI outlets, outdoor fans and lighting for outdoor kitchens, patios and rooms. To learn more, contact us at 636-294-8562.

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