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Electrical Additions to Consider For 2024

Electrical Additions to Consider For 2024

O'Fallon, St Charles & Saint Louis, Missouri

Electrical Additions to Consider For 2024 O'Fallon, MO

With a new year comes the opportunity for a fresh new start. Why not take this time to enhance your home’s electrical system? Thanks to technological advancements, new electrical devices and automated systems are coming out on the daily. From smart home systems to electric car charging stations, here are some electrical additions to consider for 2024. Your St. Louis electrician can help.

  1. Smart Home Systems
  2. One of the biggest advances in home automation is a smart home system. This involves a network of interconnected devices all working together to increase the efficiency and comfort of your home. Smart home technology helps homeowners manage the home’s security, lighting, temperature, and appliances – right from your smartphone or tablet. Install smart home systems to conserve energy and save money on your utility bills.

  3. Electric Car Charging Stations
  4. More and more car owners are switching from gas to electric vehicles. As such, there is an increasing need to install electric car charging stations in garages. Not only is this cost effective in the long-term, it’s an environmentally friendly improvement. You can save thousands of dollars charging your car at home rather than at designated spaces in the community. Electric car chargers are now installed with safety features, so it’s a very safe option for your home.

  5. Smart Lighting Systems
  6. Smart lighting gives you more control over your home's lighting from your smart phone no matter where you are. You can configure the systems to respond to voice commands or you can control them through an app. Many smart lighting systems also use sensors to turn lights on and off automatically, depending on set preferences.

  7. Home Security Systems
  8. Home security is a concern for lots of homeowners. Install state of the art security systems to protect your home from intruders or to alert you and your neighbors to danger. Remote monitoring and video camera systems make it easy to check on your home wherever you are. Get peace of mind with a home security system in St. Louis, installed by a professional.

  9. Renewable Energy Sources
  10. Renewable energy sources make a popular addition to modern homes, especially in the face of increasing environmental concerns. Homeowners can now install renewable energy systems, like solar panels, to reduce their carbon footprint. When you generate electricity from solar power, you are able to reduce the electricity you require from the grid, and renewable energy sources save you money on utility bills.

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